Oh, great! Another beauty blog…

I know what you’re thinking… another beauty blog by a random girl on the interwebs. You’re partially right. I, however, am not going to tell you that your eyebrows or your contour should be a certain way. For real though, don’t even do those things if you’re not into it. I just really, really, really love all things makeup, hair and skin care and I’m going to use this blog to share with you what works for me, what might work for you and all of the terrible things. My hope is that you’ll share your own experiences with us as well

A Little About Myself

My name is Stacey and I’m a 26 year old, almost divorced, mother of 2 insanely spirited children. I’m working on multiple transitions, switching jobs, trying to get back into college, and trying my hardest to make the internet work for me….hi, I’m Stacey and I’m addicted to Facebook. I will probably touch on a lot of things through out this thing so bear with me through the randomness that is my though process.

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