Skin Purifying Sheet Masks

Skin Purifying

The ultimate goal for everyone, whether makeup is worn or not, is clean and clear skin. Today I’m trying the I’m Real Green Tea Mask Sheet. I love mask sheets because I already have super dry skin and the peel off/rinse off masks always tend to leave my face extra dry. The mask sheets feel like makeup remover wipe material with the product seeped into it. Also, you don’t rinse most of them off (none that I’ve used anyway), you massage the product into your face. The only con of mask sheets, for me, is the odd way they sit on my face. My bottom lip is always uncovered and it feels awkward.
For this particular mask you start with a clean face & take the mask of out of package. Do not, I repeat do not, squeeze product out of the mask. The urge to ring out excess is real! Open the mask up  (it’ll be folded) & put it on your face with the openings in the correct places, eyes over eyes ect. Leave it on for 20-30 minutes. I chose to go halfway and do 25 minutes. When time is up, peel the mask off and massage the product left into your face and neck and boom!
Try yours here–> TONYMOLY I’m Real Green Skin Purifying Tee Mask, 21 g.

My results:

Woooah! I’ll have before during and after photos at the bottom. (Please excuse my exhausted face, it’s been a long month haha) I’m not sure that pictures do this justice. The difference in how my face feels is UNREAL! It’s so much more hydrated and I even feel less tired, like my eyelids aren’t struggling to stay open. I definitely recommend this mask. I got this one in my ipsy bag but I’ll definitely be buying more!




Share with your friends and let me know what you think or of your own results in the comments! 🙂

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