Soooo, ugh….

This will be one of those random off topic posts I mentioned in my 1st post. I apologize in advance…
Anywaysssss, I’ve been researching and researching for weeks now about digital marketing and affiliate links and how to put junk together and all that mess. This blog was my testing grounds of sorts while working on a larger project. 

I’m just frustrated. The computer at my house is shared. I was working on a Facebook ad for something with clickbank. I had about an hour and a half to 2 hours put into cause, you know, newbie…go to the bathroom for 5 min and someone else hopped on and logged me out >=( I have to redo the entire thing. I’m so dang mad right now. Like, you could clearly see that I was in the middle of something more than scrolling my newsfeed.
I’m just, ahhhh!!!


End rant.

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